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DayBeginning Time Duration Event
Sat, Mar 27, 2004 10:50 AM
11:45 AM
1 hour Beyond Talent: a Multidisplinary Look at Athletics Excellence


Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center (www.bu.edu/aec) and Boston University's Sargent College Clinical Centers

The goal of the BU Athletic Enhancement Center is to work with athletes on every aspect of their training to ensure they develop the physical and mental foundation required for better performance in their sport. This is accomplished through coaching and training in advanced strength and conditioning techniques, uniquely integrated with mental, nutritional and sports medical principles. Programming is provided in either an individual or small group format. The coach to athlete ratio is kept purposely low to assure optimal instruction for our athletes.

Beyond Talent, a Multidisplinary Look at Athletics Excellence

Staff members of the Boston University's Sargent College Clinical Centers will discuss a complete approach to athletic excellence: physical conditioning, injury prevention, and sport psychology. Learn how workouts for athletes must go beyond just doing "cardio." Gain insights into the role of alignment and muscular imbalances in sports injury and how equipment might prevent nagging injuries. Ultimately, figure out what "mental toughness" is and its role in practice, play, and excellent performances.


  • Rebecca Arner, MSPT, CSCS, is a staff physical therapist at the Boston University Physical Therapy Center. She is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist and trained in biomechanical gait analysis, prescribing and producing orthotics.
  • Adam H. Naylor, Ed.D, is the Boston University Athletic Enhancement Center's program coordinator and sport psychology coach. Dr. Naylor has worked with professional, NCAA, international, high school, and youth coaches and athletes. In addition to conducting workshops for sports associations, coaches, and parents on the mental, emotional, educational, and developmental needs of athletes, he lectures at BU and Trinity College (CT).
  • Bill Pesanelli, PT, MBA, is the director of Boston University Rehabilitation Services, which includes the Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Center, the Athletic Enhancement Center, and Health-Fit/Fitness Evaluation Center. He has been involved in outpatient rehabilitation management in a variety of settings since 1992. Under his leadership the Sargent College Clinical Centers have integrated progressive facets of rehabilitation, sports training and wellness principles.
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