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We live in a society obsessed with, and in important ways influenced by, sports. The implication for gays and lesbians is clear. Our full acceptance by the wider society depends in part on our making inroads into what until now has been one of the last acceptable bastions of homophobia, sports. We need your help to develop positive role models and heroes.

“We want to give athletes an opportunity to share their experiences. Our goals are twofold: One, create a community of gay athletes who can communicate with each other regularly. Two, help cultivate an environment in sports in which athletes are accepted and respected without regard to their sexual orientation. In the process, we help to create positive role models for the society at large.”

June 2, 2005, Thursday, 3rd Annual Bachelor & Bachelorette Athlete Auction Fundraiser


June 2, 2005, Thursday, 3rd Annual Bachelor & Bachelorette Athlete Auction Fundraiser

Win a date with one of Boston's HOTTEST Gay/Lesbian/Straight/Bisexual Athletes! Come join us for our 3rd annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Athlete Auction.

Who will be voted the "Hottest Sport with the Hottest Athletes in Boston" for 2005? 2003 went to Hockey, 2004 went to Swimming. Vote with your $$$

Already attached? Come design your own "Will & Grace" date instead!
REI Lifetime memberships and indoor rock climbing DATES for the winners!

Mingle with other athletes.
Eat food.
Have a great time.
Win HUMAN prizes.
It's that easy.


What: Bachelor & Bachelorette Athlete Auction
When: Thursday, June 2, 2005, 6-9 pm
Where: Club Cafe, Moonshine Room (209 Columbus Ave)

This event will help raise funds for the Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation, Athletics Scholarship Fund, and projects to confront institutionalized homophobia in sports.

Proudly offered by our Media Sponsor, Innewsweekly and PrideSportsBoston

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