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Our ground-breaking conference is an unprecedented opportunity to market your product to the affluent gay and lesbian athletics community with a reach to potentially tens of thousands of athletes around the nation and around the world. Our audience tends to be university educated with advanced degrees, have above average disposable income, be more conservative which means more apt to plan for the future, more apt to buy financial services, travel more for leisure and sport, have a healthier mindset, are brand aware, information seekers, and great influencers – all very attractive demographic characteristics for any product category.

3 Instruments of Advertising:

Top 7 reasons why your firm should consider sponsoring the National Gay & Lesbian Athletics Conference:

  • It's a great event of well known athletes, fun competition, intellectual discussions at MIT/Harvard, and with a youth clinic (the only event with this combination)
  • Our attendees are highly educated, earn high incomes, buy from firms they feel support them, and are brand aware
  • The sports industry affects what we SEE, what we HEAR, and how we FEEL – a great communications vehicle (a $213 billion industry*)
  • Engage the gay and lesbian community in support of creating positive role models and heroes
  • Market your product to a loyal “influencer” base that are highly educated with disposable income
  • Charter involvement with our ground-breaking conference that addresses the last bastion of homophobia
  • Align your brand with others that are making a difference in the community

“Looking at the greater impact on society, the conference isn’t just for ‘jocks’ but it’s for everyone and it’s about growing up and having positive role models, mentors, and heroes. Could we save lives in the process and at least make the coming out process less painful and less shameful? Consider stories like those of Matthew Shepard and how it could be different.” – Mac Chinsomboon, GLAF Executive Director

Audience: From demographics collected from our website survey, our audience consists of gay/lesbian/straight athletes from around the country and even around the world, the majority with an advanced degree, above average income, are information seekers and influencers, and have a pre-deposition to spend on products from companies they feel understand them.

Survey respondents representing 41 US states and 10 countries with these demographics:


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