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GLAF Partners with Montreal 2006 and GLISA

We live in a society obsessed with, and in important ways influenced by, sports. The implication for gays and lesbians is clear. Our full acceptance by the wider society depends in part on our making inroads into what until now has been one of the last acceptable bastions of homophobia, sports. We need your help to develop positive role models and heroes.

“We want to give athletes an opportunity to share their experiences. Our goals are twofold: One, create a community of gay athletes who can communicate with each other regularly. Two, help cultivate an environment in sports in which athletes are accepted and respected without regard to their sexual orientation. In the process, we help to create positive role models for the society at large.” - O. Mac Chinsomboon, GLAF Executive Director

PRESS: 02-01-06 Martina Navratilova to Participate in International Conference on LGBT Human Rights

PRESS: 11-17-06 Launch of the Preliminary Program for the International Conference on LGBT Human Rights

PRESS: 11-12-05 Three Major U.S. Organizations Become Partners in the International Conference on LGBT Rights

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July 26-29, 2006, GLAF Partners with Montreal 2006 to produce the Right to Be Different Conference on Human Rights, see, 

GLAF has designated Dr. Rob Jagnow, GLAF Director, as its representative for the International Conference on Human Rights called the Right to Be Different Conference. Dr. Jagnow is also the Chairperson for the Sport Sub-Committee and the Outreach Advisory Committee for all sport related panels at the International Conference. In doing so, GLAF, along with other participating organizations will make history in defining the charter of the Montreal Declaration. We are now calling for proposals. Register NOW, click here! Want info? Email us at

GLAF panels will include the following:

  • Essential Rights in Sports
  • Sports as a Vehicle for Change in 3rd World Countries
  • Transgendered Community in Sports
  • Role Models in Sports
  • Sports as Effective Agents in Social Change
  • The Business of Sports

The Conference entitled The Right to Be Different will begin on Wednesday 26 July 2006 with an opening address by an internationally-recognized personality during a gala dinner given to officially inaugurate the Conference.

The following morning at the Palais des congrès, Montréal’s convention centre, the first plenary session will be held, bringing together some 2,000 participants. The Co-Presidents of the Conference, Ms. Joke Swiebel, former Member of the European Parliament, and Professor Robert Wintemute from the School of Law at King's College London will lead the opening discussions.

Over the next three days, Conference participants will be offered four more plenary sessions, featuring a number of internationally-renowned keynote speakers, and will be able to choose from up to 250 workshops (up to 50 simultaneous workshops during each of five workshop sessions), which will deal with the many aspects of the Conference themes.

Finally, on Saturday 29 July, there will be a lunch to close the Conference, which will include the adoption of the Montréal Declaration.

Conference Themes:


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