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Advisor's Name Area, Biography
Jenny Allard, Head Softball Coach, Harvard University Content, bio
Eric "Gumby" Anderson, The first openly gay high school or collegiate coach. Teacher, the sociology of sports, men and masculinities... Content, bio, website
Mike Balaban, former senior executive investment banker at major financial institutions Sponsorship, bio
Nora Beck, NCAA advisor on LGBT issues, co-Founder of Sexual Minorities in Athletics (SMIA) Content, bio
Chris Bergland, two-time Triple-Ironman (7.2 miles of swimming, 336 miles of cycling and a 78.6-mile run) winner sponsored by Kiehls Content, bio, article
Nancy Boutilier, High school basketball coach and former Athletics Director at San Francisco University High School Content, bio
Nat Brown, High school coach, ski service at 2 Olympics, 7 World Championships, 7 Junior World Championships, and countless World Cups, author of "The Complete Guide to cross-country Ski Preparation" Content, bio, website
Jim Buzinski, Sports Editor, Los Angeles Times Content, bio
Dan Buzutto, Cheshire High School athlete that came out in and written up in an article by Republican-American, is a three sport captain of cross country and indoor and outdoor track Content, bio, website
Helen J. Carroll, former NCAA director of 12 years and national basketball championship coach, now with National Center for Lesbian Rights Content, bio
James McCall "Shamey" Cramer, Executive Director and Co-founder of Team Los Angeles, Co-chair in 1982 and 2002 Content, bio
Jay Critchley, Founder of the Swim For Life annual event (15th year) Content, bio, website
Matthew Cusick, won an important legal battle with his former employer, Cirque du Soleil, for unwrongful termination due to HIV+ status Content, bio, website
Diane S. Cutaia, Former women's collegiate basketball coach, now coach at high school in North Carolina, Title IX speaker Content, bio
James Dale, James Dale was barred from the Boy Scouts because of his sexual orientation, a decision that was supported by the US Supreme Court in a landmark 5-4 vote Content, bio
Ginny Davis, Director of Marketing, United States Field Hockey Association, US Olympic Committee Content, bio
Gene Dermody, Gene Dermody is a former president of the Federation of Gay Games, and the current wrestling coordinator for the Sydney 2002 Gay Games Content, bio, website
Robert Dover, 1994 U.S. Olympic Committee Male Equestrian Athlete of the Year, competed in 5 Olympic games Content, bio
Juliet Draper, Fire fighter with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, winners of the 1992 Iron Horse competition, the 1994 Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship, and the World Fire Fighter Combat Challenge in 1999 Content, bio, website
Kathleen "Kaki" Flynn, Columnist for the US Olympic Team and Projects Coordinator for USA Swimming Content, bio
Dave Forbush, Owner Operator of Forbush Corner, a nordic touring center in northern Michigan Content, bio
Rudy Galindo, US Men's Figure Skating Champion and World Bronze Medalist, author of "Icebreaker" Content, bio, website
Ed Gallagher, former college football jock at Pitt, founder of Alive to Thrive, author of "Johnny in the Spot" Content, bio, website
Jordan N Goldwarg, Assistant Ski Coach at Dartmouth College Content
Jonathan Goler, Captain of the MIT Varsity swim team Content, bio
Jim Graham, United States Equestrian Team 3-Day Event Rider, represented the U.S. in the 1994 World Equestrian Games Content, bio, website
Pat Griffin, athlete/coach, professor at Univ of MA, author of "Strong Women, Deep Closets" Content, bio, website
Neil G. Giuliano, former Mayor of Tempe, Arizona, and making a difference in the sports community Content, bio
Ed Gray, Sports writer, formerly with the Boston Herald, past 20 years Content, bio
Bruce Hayes, 1984 Olympics gold medalist, swimming Content, bio
Joey Hinton, All-American USA Triathlon national team member Content, bio
Tyler Hoffman, Former Professional Baseball Umpire and Sr. Instructor for The Academy of Professional Umpiring, GLPAA Congtent, bio, website
Kevin Jennings, Founder and Executive Director of GLSEN Content, bio, website
Corey Johnson, former high school football captain who came out under great fanfare Content, bio
Billie Jean King, Life magazine named her one of the "100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century" in 1990, she is a tennis champion and coach Content, bio
Charles "The Pink Pounder" Jones, The first out gay man to get into a white collar boxing ring and box Content, bio, website
Bill Konigsberg, ESPN sports writer Content, bio, website
Dave Kopay, Played pro football for the 49ers, Lions, Redskins, Saints and Packers. Content, bio, website
Bendan Lemon, Editor-In-Chief of Out Magazine, wrote about the conundrum of his affair with a closeted major league baseball player Content, bio
Ilana Lobet, Eco-Challenge Content, bio
Dave Lohse, Associate Director of Athletics at U. of North Carolina Content, bio, website
Donna Lopiano , Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation Content,bio, website
Mark Lund, President and CEO, Ashton International Media, Inc Content, bio, website 1, website 2
Margo R. Machen, Adventure racer, sled-dog musher, veteran of the US Women's Rugby team, double PhD holder Content, bio, website
Brian Marshall, Pac-10 CHAMPIONSHIP record holder in the high jump, two time All-American, 1988 Seoul Olympics (Canada - High Jump) Content, bio
Carol Matsuzaki , Head Women's Tennis Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education at MIT Content, bio, website
Alicia McConnell, Director of Athlete Development at the United States Olympic Committee, internationally ranked squash player Content, bio
Mike Messner, past president of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, author of "Taking the Field" , professor at Univ of Southern California Content, bio, website
Holly Metcalf, six time national/Olympic team member, bringing home the Olympic gold in 1984 Content, bio
Ryan Miller, professional snowboarder sponsored by OutBoard, Subaru, Bolle, Swany Content, bio, website
Randy Moffitt, Billie Jean King's brother, Moffitt played for the San Francisco Giants from 1972 through 1978 Content
Jen Moore, Varsity softball, University of Penn Content, bio, website
Ric Munoz, featured in a Nike television commercial as HIV+ athlete (runner) Content, bio, website
Michael Muska, Athletics Director, Oberlin College Content, bio
Mariah Burton Nelson, athlete/former coach, nationally syndicated columnist for Knight-Ridder/Tribune, Wash Post, and Oxygen Media, author of "The Stronger Women Get, the More Men Love Football" Content, bio, website
Dave Pallone, former Major League Baseball umpire, author of "Behind the Mask" Content, bio, website
Jeff Perrotti, Founding Director of the Massachusetts Safe School Program for Gay & Lesbian Students Content, bio
Jeffry Pike, Federation of Gay Games Charter and Honorary Lifetime Director Content, bio
Brenda Pitts, Professor of Sports Marketing at Georgia State University Content, bio
David Plummer, Associate Professor in Public and Community Health at the University of New England in Australia Content, bio, website
Laurie Priest, NCAA director and Chair of Physical Education and Director of Athletics at Mount Holyoke College Content, bio
Jim Provenzano, author of "PINS", writes the weekly Sports Complex for the Bay Area Reporter featuring athletes Content, bio, website
Molly Purdue, Collegiate coach at NYU, NEU, and Newsday’s Coach of the Year Content
Ryan Quinn, Junior at the University of Utah, Varsity ski team Content, bio
Louis Ritter, Olympic gold medalist in high jump 1998 Seoul Content
Mark Schuster, Assistant Dean for Student Services at Rutgers College, sport psychologist Content, bio,
Lowell Selvin, Presidents and CEO of PlanetOut Partners (parent of www.planetout.com and www.gay.com) Content, bio, website
Matt Skallerud, Founder of GaySports.com Content, bio, website
Esera Tuaolo, Was an NFL linebacker for nearly nine years including for the Vikings, Packers, Jaguars, and Falcons Content, website
Mark Tewksbury, Canadian Olympian and gold medal winner in the 100-meter backstroke at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Content, bio
Ji Wallace, Australian Olympian and silver medalist Content
Patricia Nell Warren, landmark author of bestselling gay novels including "The Front Runner" and "Harlan's Race" Content, bio, website
Mark Welsh, Founder of Team Flame, the LGBT competition team of elite athletes Content
Dan Woog, high school soccer coach, author of "Jocks" and "Jocks 2" Content, bio, website
Alissa Wykes, Football player that came out in Sports Illustrated for Women, December/January 2002 edition Content, bio
Cyd Zeigler, Co-Founder of Outsports.com Content, bio
Jamie Zimron, 5th Degree Black Belt in Aikido, LPGA Golf Professional, sports psychologist, Body-Mind Fitness Trainer, and the creator of KiAi Golf - a holistic martial-arts-based approach to golf and sports instruction Content, bio,website

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