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Our Program --> Gay Mountaineering Expeditions - Breaking Down Stereotypes Slide Presentation by GO

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Sat, Mar 27, 2004 10:50AM
1 hour Gay Mountaineering Expeditions - Breaking Down Stereotypes Slide Presentation by GO


International Gay Outdoors Organization (GO) (www.gayoutdoors.org

The International Gay Outdoors Organization (GO) is dedicated to the acceptance and visibility of GLBT professional, amateur and recreational outdoor communities. GO promotes recognition, understanding and respect among ALL members of the outdoors community regardless of sexual orientation, through support and education for a fair and inclusive environment. In addition, we hope to generate champions who can serve as role models to inspire our community. We do this by publishing an online gay outdoors recreation magazine, assisting GLBT outdoors enthusiasts to connect with one another, publishing a weekly e-newsletter to establish a global gay outdoors community, promoting gay outdoor recreation activities and clubs, and hosting activities and mountaineering expeditions around the globe.

Gay Mountaineering Expeditions - Breaking Down Stereotypes

Mike Boisvert, the founder and current administrator of the

International Gay Outdoors Organization (GO) will share his stunning slides of the "all" gay/lesbian expedition that climbed 20,320-foot Island Peak in Nepal in 2002. The journey included visiting the Everest Base Camp and taking in views of the tallest mountains in the world. This expedition broke the gay mountaineering record.

We will next try to break this record at 22,840 ft. Mt. Aconcagua in

Argentina in January 2005. This is the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia. Mike will share slides of his last attempt to climb this peak with an "all" gay group in 1999 and discuss the upcoming expedition.

The presentation will end with an informal discussion about discrimination towards gays and lesbians in the outdoors community and how expeditions such as these help remove barriers.


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