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DayBeginning Time Duration Event
Sat, Mar 27, 2004 4:35 PM
5:30 PM
1 hours Planning for Performance: A Complete Conditioning Program


Planning for Performance: A Complete Conditioning Program

Whether you are a student or professional, stress enters your life at multiple levels. Juggling family, career and/or school, friends, social life, and your sport can be a very difficult endeavor. And the way you handle your stress can have great impacts on all areas of your life. Because of the demands of daily living, athletes often "blow off" adequate preparation for their chosen sport.

Dr. Larry Edwards will discuss a comprehensive and time-saving methodology to assure performance, safety, and an injury-free athletic life. Some of the topics he will address include the role of knowing the demands of your sport, posture and body alignment, flexibility and range of motion, strength, energy and nutrition, endurance, mental attitude and recovery mechanisms. You will learn how to improving on your weaknesses while, at the same time, augmenting your strengths.


  • Larry Edwards, Ph.D., NCTMB, LMT is a sportsmassage therapist and sports psychologist with 30 years experience working with athletes at all levels of performance. A member of the 1996 Summer Olympics Sportsmassage Team, Larry has been nationally involved in massage therapy and has also served as national president of two counseling organizations. Larry is in private practice and is a wellness consultant to universities and corporations. He provides athletes with complete conditioning plans as well as stress management and visualization and relaxation work.


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